Why I started this blog

A little background for those who are curious about the inception of EntrepreneurSetups.

I started EntrepreneurSetups because I’ve been constantly asking myself:

What does X use for his todo lists ? What emailing software does Y use to send emails ? Which browser extensions Z have in her browser to be more productive ?

Now replace X, Y, and Z with names of highly successful entrepreneurs, writers, marketers and generally extremely productive people.

Good tools define a good worker. It’s even more important—and increasingly hard— in our times to find the right set of tools to work with. Our arsenal, which is —for anyone who’s an “information worker”—for the most part entirely digital, must be comprised of the best tools; the ones that are the most useful to us and that we’ll use consistently.

In search of Productivity

What you should know about me is that I’ve always been a productivity nerd, and I’m always curious about how to improve my workflow.

Another thing is that I enjoy discovering and trying out new apps, tools or even just productivity techniques. When I discover a new app—that has anything to do with the things I do every day—I’m like a child who’s looking at all the shiny toys on the shelves of a toy store during Christmas holidays.

Sometimes it can be a curse for me, as there is something like “too much productivity research”, and other times it’ll be a huge boost to the way I work.

One must not confuse seeking productivity with action. I really want to emphasize this.

Too often, we fool ourselves into thinking we’re productive because we read about productivity or spend time looking for the best tool. Optimizing your workflow must come as a byproduct of taking action, not its essence.

Now, I know from experience that finding and using the right set of tools can make you 10 times more productive and achieve things 10 times faster. There are tools so powerful that they make you think “How could I have been doing for so long without it?”

Hopefully it’s something you’ll experience some time reading this blog.

We just love sharing

Often, people will talk about what tools they’re using to get things done. It is after reading numerous of blog articles about what successful people use to tackle their work and stumbling upon many apps or software—some of which now compose my own arsenal—that I’ve realized the importance of using the right and best tools for one’s work.

There’s always an app you never heard of which will enable you to cut by half or more the time you take to do something daily. Or this web service that makes your life easier. This is far from being negligible.

I don’t think the goal is to take someone successful and copycat his entire setup. Rather, it is about discovering your options for a tool to achieve a certain purpose. It can always serve as an inspiration to try out new things and see for yourself. You might find something that speeds up your workflow, something that just make things more convenient, or sometimes discover one jewel that revolutionize entirely your setup or workflow.

Anyway, I find it’s always interesting to be able to peek at what these highly productive peoples’ setups are like, and to be able to get an insider look at what they use to accomplish what they do.

My mission is to help you be quicker, more effective and more efficient at what you do to get more things done by showing you what tools prolific people use every day to get their work done.

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