Veronica Belmont’s setup

Veronica Belmont is a prominent face of the online tech landscape. If you’re even remotely interested in online tech, gadgets, gaming or bots, chances are you’ve probably already seen or heard her somewhere on the internet.

She produced podcasts and videos for CNET, co-hosted internet TV shows like Revision3’s Tekzilla and Qore, and more recently Engadget’s video series Dear Veronica.

She’s now product manager at, editor of Bot! Zine, and advisor to startups like DailyDrip, Storium, Public, Forge, amongst others.

Tell us something funny about you

I’m a Dogspotting player, which means I take pictures of dogs that I see out in the world and post them to the Dogspotting Facebook group. It’s an elite sport.

Show us your desk

Veronica Belmont current desk setup
Veronica Belmont current desk setup

We just moved offices, so my desk is very clean. I just got these squeeze balls for stress recently, and they’ve been fun. I like everything to be in a dock, so I have matching stands for my laptop and phone. Finally, my notebook for ideas and list-making.


What computers do use (desktop, laptop, mac or pc or both?
At work I’m on a MacBook Pro, Late 2013. I have a gaming PC at home, but I haven’t used it in months (new job!).

What’s your current phone ?
Apple iPhone 7.

What gear do you use for podcasting?
At my home studio, I use a Heil PR–40, an Alesis board, and Audio Hijack Pro for recording (Audacity for editing). I’m a big fan of Levelator for vox tracks. My mobile setup is an Apogee MiC Digital Microphone that plugs directly into my MacBook Pro via USB. It’s a nice little mic.

Is there any useful gear you can’t live without (printer, router,
analog stuff…)?

I can’t live without my Kindle Paperwhite, considering I host two book club shows! I’m always downloading new books. I’ve become very attached to my Amazon Echo Dot, though looking very much forward to trying out Google’s new offering in the space. Obviously, I can’t live without some sort of data connection when I’m home, but I do like to disconnect a lot too.


OS: macOS Sierra.
Browser: Google Chrome.
Email client: Airmail.

Desktop apps:

Slack: our bot is built on Slack, so we’re in it all the time. Like, ALL THE TIME.

Todoist: I’ve been a Todoist user for a while, but I feel like I switch todo apps like every 6 months.

OmmWriter: when I need to really get in the zone, I use this app to tune everything else out.

Web apps and services

Google everything: We use Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar, whatever. I use it for all my personal stuff too, so I don’t know what I would do without it at this point.

FogBugz — Our project management system. It does the job!

iPhone apps

Todoist iOS app: the mobile app for Todoist.

Browser extensions

Buffer: I use the Buffer extension to post things to social media, both personally and for the company.

Revue: I use Revue to send out my weekly bots newsletter, Bot! zine, and the extension is great for adding articles to it.

1Password: How does anyone live without this? I don’t know.

The one productivity tip you’d recommend

Schedule lunch and workout time. If your schedule tends to get packed, you’ll be bummed that you didn’t prioritize some you-time.

One of my favorite quotes is “Only boring people get bored.” If you can manage your productivity right, you’ll always have something worthwhile to do! That includes relaxing and having fun, by the way.

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