Tung Tran’s Setup

Tung Tran is an experienced internet entrepreneur with proven track records across a wide range of projects. He’s the founder of CloudLiving.com, an online marketing blog where he teaches people to build, rank and monetize amazing content-driven affiliate websites. He’s also has been featured as one of the 8 Successful Online Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following by Entrepreneur.com.

Tell Us Something Funny About You

My ultimate life goal is to dive with the Great White shark 😀

Show Us Your Desk

My current home office setup. My monitor is a Dell UltraSharp U2715H. The black mouse is for gaming 🙂


What computers do use (desktop, laptop, mac or pc or both ?).
I use A Macbook Pro Retina 13‘’ 2016.

What’s your current phone ?
Apple iPhone 6s 64GB

Is there any useful gear you can’t live without (printer, router, analog stuff…)?
The Roost laptop stand when I work outside. It helps to prevent neck and lower back pain.


OS: macOS Sierra 10.12.1
Browser: Google Chrome.
Email client: Gmail web client.

Desktop apps

Alfred: the ubiquitous app launcher (but it’s way more than that) for Mac. This tool will 3x your productivity on Mac.

Skitch: easily take screenshots and quickly annotate them to get your point accross.

Screencast-o-matic: user-friendly little app for fast and free screen recoring.

Web apps and services

Google Drive: to store all my files and documents. ALL my writing is done in Google Docs. ALL my biz numbers and tracking are on Google Sheets.

Workflowy: for note taking and brainstorming. It focuses on the concept of lists. Everything you put in it is a list that can have sublists, and so on. It sounds and looks really simple but it is a really powerful tool.

Asana: task management, both for myself and for my team.

Slack: for team communication.

Phone apps

Pocket: for saving articles to read later, then read them in a distraction free environment.

Productive: useful app to track my habits and routines.

Browser extensions

Lastpass: to store all my passwords securely. I never have to remember passwords any more.

Colorzilla – For picking colors from web page. I use this when designing landing pages and themes.

The one productivity tip you’d recommend

Know your priorities. Everyday figure out the 3 most important tasks that you need to accomplish that would create the most value to your personal and business growth and complete them.

Then, outsource or delegate the other less important tasks. One trick is to list all the tasks you need to do, put an actual $ amount next to each task then sort the list from highest to lowest. Then do the highest value tasks.

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