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Short bio

Stephen Palmer is an online entrepreneur and blogger who created the IrishAroundOz website. After moving from Ireland to Australia, he decided to turn his experience into a website geared towards helping Irish people who moved (or plan to) to Australia.

After this successful venture (considering the 4+ millions people who visited his website), he launched a new website, NicheAround, where he hosts a podcast to help other bloggers find success building niche blogs.

Fun fact: he’s always had a dream of becoming a millionaire before 30 which, at the time of writing this post, gives him 3 months to do so.

Writer’s note: Even if sometimes me don’t make it by the deadlines we set ourselves, the most important is to be on the right track toward our goals. Stephen certainly is.

Show us your desk

My workspace is very simple, I just have a laptop most of the time and if I am recording a podcast I bring my Blue Yeti microphone.

I have in recent times moved to a standing desk which is basically just a table in my apartment which is the perfect height for a standing desk

I also always have a notepad with a daily to-do list on it. I make sure to fill the page at the start of everyday. As I have a lot to do, I break the tasks down into 3’s and take a break after finishing the three tasks.

The simple, efficient desktop of Stephen
The simple, efficient desktop of Stephen

I have also recently joined a co-working space where I aim to go 3–4 days per week. Working from home has its advantages but sometimes you just need an office environment to get focused.


Main computer: HP Pavillion Laptop

Current phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Gear used for podcasting: Blue Yeti Microphone

What other useful gear can’t you live without (printer, router…):
Can’t live without my phone charger.


General purpose

OS: Windows 10

Browser: Chrome

Email client: Gmail


Pomodoro timer: Make you stay focused and efficient by working in bursts of 25 minutes followed by 5 minute rests.

Google docs: It has come to prove being a solid alternative to Microsoft Office, providing fast, efficient cloud editing, saving and making collaborating on documents easier than ever.

Microsoft One note: Your digital notebook/scrapbook/idea pad. The best alternative to Evernote.

Microsoft Word: If my internet goes down I can still write 🙂

Other useful apps I use

Grammarly Pro: As Forbes puts it, “Grammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better”. It’s a tool that helps you eliminate errors in your writing, enhance clarity and improve your overall writing. The free version is great but the pro version is even better.

Audacity: An awesome tool for editing any kind of audio sources, perfect for podcasts. On top of that, it’s totally free.

Camstudio. A neat little Windows app for screen recording. Also free.

Web apps and services

LeadPages: For creating awesome landing pages. Probably the most famous landing page builder, enabling you to create beautiful landing page in minutes without a single line of code, thanks to their fantastic drag-n-drop interface. A free online tool for reducing image file sizes (despite the name, it’s not only for PNG, it does JPG too).

Google Adwords: for my keyword researches.

Pixabay: where I get most of my images. A great place to find a lot of copyright free images that you can use for free on your website. amazing sharing and marketing tools that you can plug on any website (and works incredibly well with WordPress) to supercharge your marketing efforts.

Picfont: free online web app that makes adding text to my images easy. It has photo effects, quick editing tools and such, perfect when you don’t have or want to use Photoshop for quick editing.

Canva: web app with more or less the same purpose as Picfont, but more advanced. I use it for making my Pinterest images

Android apps

Aweber Email Stats: great for checking and monitoring my email list growth anytime I want to.

Facebook Ads Manager – Tracking and managing all my Facebook ads on the go.

Google Analytics – I love opening real time stats for my website on my phone. Google Analytics lets you check that, among many other things.

Gmail: the Gmail official Android app

Stitcher Radio – A great free app for listening to podcasts on Android.

Chrome extensions

Grammarly: lets you use the power of Grammarly everywhere on the internet (when you write an email in Gmail, on forums, WordPress editor…).

Awesome screenshot: Love this! Just as the name says, it’s a little extension that lets you take awesome screenshots, quickly annotate them and add images in a snap. It even lets you save the image on the extension creator’s servers or Google Drive to quickly share your screenshots.

The one productivity tip you’d recommend

Write down your goals! More importantly, write down your goals with a deadline. At the start of every month I write a bit page of bullet points about what I want to achieve that month.
Eg. Go to the gym 4 days a week or publish 2 1000+ word articles a week and so on.

Next stick up that A4 page on the back of your front door, so every time you leave your apartment/house you get a quick reminder about your goals.

I also highly recommend before you start on your online business to write down a list of to-dos and break them down into chunks of threes.

This makes it easier to manage. Make sure you do it with some pen and paper. Cross off each to do as you complete it and it will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

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