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Today, I’m honoured and thrilled to feature Sean McCabe, one of the most driven and passionate person I had the privilege to get to know online since I joined his community.

Sean McCabe is an entrepreneur who writes over a million words a year on business. He is the author of Overlap: Get From the Life You Have to the Life You Want. He’s helped tens of thousands of students build and grow sustainable businesses with his courses on copywriting, client work, pricing, and marketing.

On a daily basis, he runs seanwes: a learning community for entrepreneurs looking to do fulfilling work.

Tell us something funny about you

I’m the oldest of 13 kids.

Show us your desk

Look at that quad monitor setup. Talk about screen real estate
Look at that quad monitor setup. Talk about screen estate

The quad-monitor setup features two 27″ LG Ultrafine 5K Displays
and two 27″ Thunderbolt Displays.


What computers do use (desktop, laptop, mac or pc or both ?).
Desktop is a Mac Pro, 3GHZ 8-Core, 1TB SSD 64GB RAM.

Laptop is a 15″ 2016 MacBook Pro, Space Gray, 2.9Ghz Quad-Core, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM.

For storage purpose, a 32TB Pegasus RAID Storage Array.

What’s your current phone ?
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256GB.

What gear do you use for podcasting (mic…) ?
Shure SM7B microphone.
Focuswrite Scarlett 18i8 audio interface.
DBX 286s microphone Pre-amp Processor.
And Logic Pro X as my Digital Audio Workstation.


OS: macOS Sierra.
Browser: Chrome.
Email client: Gmail web app.

Desktop apps

Alfred: Arguably the best app launcher for OS X/macOS. Allows you to do everything and anything without ever having your fingers leave the keyboard.

Keyboard Maestro: gives you even more power with your keyboard, as the name suggests. Allows you to create an infinite variety of macros and automated actions that can be triggers upon certain keystrokes or keyboard shortcuts.

1Password: You know you must never use the same password everywhere. But how to remember thousands of complicated passwords? 1Password is your answer. it stores all your password in a secure place. As a bonus, it works with Touch ID on MacBook and iPhone, so you don’t have to type even a single password anymore.

Photoshop: The ubiquitous photo editing and image manipulation tool from Adobe. A legend say you can transform a literal pizza into a sexy pin-up using it.

TextMate: the reference text and code editor on Mac. A real powerhouse to amp up all your text and code editing needs, feature plugins, syntax coloring, snippets among many other useful things.

Wunderlist: one of the best Todo list manager out there. A simple and clean interface lets you organize all your todo items into different lists. Its got apps for almost all the major platforms (iOS, Android, web app, Windows, OS X/macOS…) and keeps your list synced between all your devices.

Web apps and services

Dropbox: the most famous cloud storage solution. Syncs all your files across all your devices. The apps and sync features work really well.

Asana: Awesome project manager and tracker SaaS with greatly improves team work and collaboration.

CloudApp: neat little app that lets you screen capture anything on your screen and share it in a snap. It integrates with many of major platforms like Google Drive, Slack, GitHub, etc.

Phone apps

1Password: the companion app of the aforementioned software. Lets you access all your passwords on your phone and can be unlocked with your fingerprint.

Wunderlist: manage your tasks on the go.

InstaPaper: lets you save articles you stumble upon for reading later or offline. It offers a nice, formatted and easy-to-read view of the content you save into it.

Dropbox: Companion app for Dropbox users wishing to access their files from their phone.

seanwes Community: a very advanced community chat tool. You have to be a member of the seanwes community to have access to it, though.

Tweetbot: the best Twitter app. If you want something more customizable and more fun to use than the official Twitter app, that’s what you’re looking for.

Sleep Cycle Alarm: do you wake up tired every morning when the alarm clock sets off? That’s because you’re in a middle of a sleep cycle. This smart alarm app will analyze your sleep patterns to determine the best moment to wake you up. You end up waking up fresh and ready to seize the day.

TripCase: if you travel, this app will make your life a lot easier. It organizes all your trip info and travel plans into an detailed itinerary. Centralize your flight, hotel and car reservations, get info about your flight, and directions upon your arrival.

Afterlight: a simple yet powerful image editing app allowing to quickly enhance images and make edits to your pictures from your phone.

Fantastical: calendar app to replace the native iOS one with more powerful features like natural language input parsing, advanced reminders and a sleek design.

Browser extensions

1Password: to quickly retrieve your passwords and auto-fill login forms in Chrome.

Instapaper: save webpages in a click for offline reading and/or reading later.

Awesome Screenshot: Quickly take screen captures for all or part of any web page, then add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info. Upload and share in one click.

YouTube Center (via Tampermonkey): TamperMonkey is a extension that allows you tu run custom user scripts to modify the behavior of websites. YouTube Center is a user script providing a lof of additional features ot enhance your YouTube experience, like downloading the videos, always auto-select the desired video quality, remove ads, center the player, change the design,etc.

The one productivity tip you’d recommend

A simple tip that turns out to be a huge productivity booster: turn on Do Not Disturb mode!

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