One Little Trick To Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster While Staying In Shape

Here’s a simple trick that will not only make you achieve things, but achieve them faster, and get fit at the same time. Sounds too good to be true ? Well, I’ll tell you what it is; just try and then you’ll be the judge.

The 3 hurdles to productivity

There are three major problems we face today when we’re working toward a goal.

The first is information overload. We have too much information and this makes it hard for us to take action. You’ve probably heard of analysis paralysis, and this is a real thing. I know, I’ve been a victim of it, and sometimes still am if I don’t pay attention.

The second is motivation, or a lack thereof. Of course, there are many times where you feel motivated, ready to take on the world. But there are as just as many times, if not more, where you wonder why even bother. Those moments where you think “It’s too difficult”, “Is it really worth it”, “I just don’t feel like it”, etc. Motivation isn’t available in infinite amount, and is rather hard to have sometimes.

The third one is energy. It goes with motivation, but one often fuels the others, so whichever you lack first will deplete the other. When you’re tired, it’s hard to get by your most important—and often difficult— tasks, let alone doing them well. You need to have energy to do your best work and achieve the things that matter to you.

Considering those 3 hurdles, is there such a miraculous trick, that will let you overcome these every time ? Well, I have found one simple thing that will help you take action almost every time, as long as you commit to do it systematically until it becomes an automatism. Here it is:

Each time you catch yourself hesitating for more than 5 seconds to do what you have to do, do 10 pushups.

That’s it. Simple and powerful. The key thing about it is to stick to this rule no matter what. Don’t think, just do it until it becomes a reflex . If you apply this ruthlessly, I guarantee you results.

How doing 10 pushups is going to help you achieve things faster and get fit at the same time

It’s very effective in helping you achieve things because it is going to give you momentum. It counteracts the first problem. By doing pushups, you stop overthinking. You shift from a stationary, passive state to an active one. You’re doing something. You’re not processing information anymore, you’re taking action.

It will help you achieve things faster because you won’t be pondering ages about doing something. It will force you to move, to get into action within 10 seconds, instead of thinking and looping in your head over if you should do whatever you have to do, or not. This helps you fight the infamous analysis paralysis.

It’ll also act as a motivator. Mainly because at some point you won’t want to do more pushups, so it’ll be enough for a reason to get you started at doing what you have to do.

Doing pushups will also increase your energy levels. It’s not enough to make you tired and, on the contrary, it will wake you up if you were feeling groggy or just lazy. It’ll shake your body, making you more alert. It gets your blood pumping, which will make you feel more energized quickly.

And, obviously, it will help you get or stay fit, because this kind of situation is going to happen to you a lot, so you’re going to end up doing quite a few pushups. The good thing about it is that you’re not killing yourself neither, it’s just 10 pushups. But 10 pushups every hour or so will do a lot of good to your body.

Doing 10 pushups whenever you’re in what I call a transitionary state—when you want to stop being passive and take action but having a hard time effectively making the switch—is the perfect little kick you need to get into active mode. Of course, you don’t have to do pushups only; you can do sit-ups, pull-ups, rope jumping, etc. Whatever makes your blood rushing and puts you into activity.

There you have it, the simple trick that can help you achieve more things. Give it a try and tell me how it goes for you.

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