Nat Eliason’s setup

Nat Eliason is an online entrepreneur and a prolific writer who blogs about a wide range of topics, from diet to making money by traveling, improving sex for men, internet marketing and building a passive income.

He’s also the man behind the Become a Technical Marketer course. When he decided to launch an online business, he made nearly $50k in two weeks, just to give you an idea what’s the guy is capable of.

Aside from the work, he reads whatever he can get his hands on, rides around on his Boosted Board, and enjoys heavy weightlifting. You can usually find him in his favorite café.

Show us your desk

Nat Eliasons current desk setup in Buenos Aires
Nat Eliason’s current desk setup in Buenos Aires

Standing desk FTW ! Beautiful weather, trees, what else do you need ?


What computers do use (desktop, laptop, mac or pc or both ?)
Macbook Air 13” 2014

What’s your current phone ?
iPhone 6, and an Amazon Fire Phone for foreign SIM cards.

What other useful gear can’t you live without (printer, router, analog stuff…)
Razer Orochi Gaming Mouse (faster mouse = more productivity), Roost Laptop Stand to prevent slouching, StandStand portable standing desk for standing and getting stared at in cafés, Apple wireless keyboard for using with the Roost, Kindle Oasis, Field Notes and pen, Bose QuietComfort noise cancelling earphones.


General purpose

OS: OS X El Capitan
Browser: Chrome
Email client: Gmail


Notion: My all-purpose productivity tool. This houses my weekly planner, long term goals, notes, ideas, checklists, everything.

Scrivener: For book writing.

SelfControl: For blocking the Internet when I need to focus on writing

Paste: Saves all your “Copy” or “Cut” commands and makes them searchable so you can paste them again later.

Other useful apps I use

Spotify: To listen to music and discover new artists and albums.

Soundcloud: Same as Spotify.

Web apps and services

Slack: For keeping in touch with friends, managing freelancers, etc.

Google Docs: For other writing, spreadsheets for planning

Phone apps

Feedly + Pocket: For reading articles on the go or saving them for later.

Headspace: Useful app for guided meditation and mindfulness. Makes it easier to start meditating.

Pocket Casts: For listening to podcasts on my phone.

Fit Weighlift: Weightlifting tracking for my workouts.

Habit List: Habit tracking app,

AnkiMobile Flashcards: Flashcard app to practice foreign vocabulary.

Tinder: Uhhh for socializing.

Chrome extensions

LastPass: Online password management with many apps and plugins for your browser. If you struggle to remember your passwords (or worse, use the same one everywhere), you gotta try it.

Buffer: Easily share and schedule your social media posts to multiple channels at once.

AdBlock: Blocks ads, and more importantly, email popups.

Pocket: Saves articles to Pocket so I can read them later (or not).

RatherNice: Makes you feel good when you open a new tab. It’s a little extension that tells you nice things when you open a new tab.

Inbox When Ready: Hides your email inbox by default so you don’t get sucked into it when you go to Gmail to look for something.

The one productivity tip you’d recommend

Think of productivity as the final ~5% improvement, not as your focus. If you’re completely focused on something you legitimately care about, then you won’t need 99% of productivity advice out there. Installing a few apps or doing a few Pomodoros isn’t going to do anything if you aren’t working on something huge that you care about.

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