Lucas Hall’s setup

For today’s setup, I’m excited to feature Lucas Hall’s setup. Lucas is the founder of Landlordology, one of the (if not the) most reputable resource for landlords and property managers seeking advice. Aside from being a landlord himself, Lucas is also an investor, national speaker and blogger who teaches others and helps them managing their rentals and building wealth.

Tell us something funny about you

I once ate over 2 pounds of pineapple in a single sitting. It was delicious … until it wasn’t. Although I still LOVE pinnapple, I can only eat small portions of it now without feeling sick.

Show us your desk

13" Mac Book Pro, Thunderbolt Display, Yeti Mic, Beats earphones, La Croix Pamplemousse
13″ Mac Book Pro, Thunderbolt Display, Yeti Mic, Beats earphones, La Croix Pamplemousse


What computers do use?
MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch), with a 27-in Thunderbold display. It’s a powerful combo. #Hidouken

What’s your current phone?
Apple iPhone 7 128GB.

What gear do you use for podcasting (mic…) ?
Blue Yeti (silver) for audio input.
Garageband for recording and editing.
Levelator to clean up the sound.
Beats Solo earphones.
PowerPress (WordPress podcasting plugin) to publish it on and iTunes.


OS: Mac OS X El Capitan.
Browser: Google Chrome.
Email client: Gmail (Google Apps for Business), Google Inbox.

Desktop apps

Most of the work I do relies on Slack and Dropbox. I wouldn’t be able to communicate with my team effectively without those two apps.

Web apps and services

I’m a lot into Google ecosystem. I do a lot of writing in Google Docs, and use Google Sheets to organize data and schedules. Lastly, I use Google Keep for notes.

Phone apps

Slack: helps you stay connected with your team on the go.

gTasks: Nifty app to manage your Google tasks, todos and reminders.

Facebook Messenger: the official app for chatting with your facebook friends.

Browser extensions

OneTab: a tool that pulls all my chrome tabs into one. Basically what it does is close all your tabs and create just one with all the links from your previous tab. Perfect to see all your tabs at a glance clean up an cluttered tab bar.

The Great Suspender: Simply “pause” inactive tabs. Helps me save on CPU and memory usage when I have 48 tabs open.

Momentum: helps start my day off right by asking for the “one thing” I want to accomplish today and turning my new tab page into a beautiful background image with my main goal and a motivational quote.

The one productivity tip you would recommend

You are most productive when you have a team of supporters. Build strong, healthy relationships with others in your industry, and they will go out of their way to help you succeed.

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      You’re welcome Seth!

      I’m stoked Lucas has been kind enough to give some of his time to provide this information.

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