Dom Well’s Setup

Dom Wells is an experienced online marketer who specializes on building niche blogs that generate passive income. He’s a rising talent of the internet marketing community, and since he started in the internet marketing industry in 2012, he’s been successful with multiple projects. He also has been featured on many websites including, along with a lot of other niche marketing websites.

After successfully launching niche and affiliate sites, he chose to go on a mission to help people avoid being scammed when buying websites online by offering a package of training and readymade niche sites on his current project, HumanProofDesigns.

Show us your desk


I only use a laptop and a table in my apartment, nothing noteworthy.


What computers do use (desktop, laptop, mac or pc or both ?)
A MacBook Pro 13″, early 2015.

What’s your current phone ?
An HTC M8 (2015 too).

Is there any useful gear you can’t live without (printer, router,
analog stuff…) ?

I can’t live without my magic mouse.



OS: macOS Sierra. Whatever the latest one is. I don’t pay much attention
Browser: Chrome
Email client: I switch between Mac Mail and Gmail in Chrome browser, depending on what my goal is. Gmail is faster because it nests similar emails, so you can clear the inbox in half the time. But Mac Mail is better for when you need to reply to multiple emails in a thread or quickly search your inbox and copy data between mails.

Desktop apps

Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynote: For my business, I mostly use the Apple office suite.

Adobe Photoshop: for any photo or image editing.

Dropbox: I use DropBox, so obviously I use the desktop app too.

Web apps

Dropbox: To keep files synced between all my devices and being able to access them from anywhere.

Google Apps (now called Gsuite): to manage my email accounts.

Google Drive: Since I’m already using Google’s email, using Google Drive comes in handy, and it has features DropBox hasn’t so I use it in complement.

Trello: to manage my projects. You can use it by yourself and it’s even more useful when used with your team or collaborators.

Slack: streamlined group communication tools that makes email almost a thing of the past.

Phone apps

I rarely use my phone for work so the only productivity app on there is a small Android app called ColorNote. I use this to leave myself notes or reminders, or make shopping lists.

Chrome Extensions

JungleScout: lets you gather all sorts of data about products on Amazon from a seller stance, like estimated monthly sales for a product, rank, revenue, reviews, competitions, etc.

Mozbar very useful for keyword/niche research, as it lets you access important SEO data quickly.

LastPass: to save and retrieve all my passwords right within the browser. Definitely couldn’t live without LastPass.

The one productivity tip you’d recommend

Don’t do what you think you need to do. Don’t get all these crazy productivity systems set up just because some other entrepreneur says he relies on them. Instead, just figure out what makes you work more efficiently and do that. I use a pen and paper and write lists down because it works for me better than writing digital to do lists.

Your success is about your ability to get stuff done, not your ability to do what others do

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