Lucas Hall’s setup

For today’s setup, I’m excited to feature Lucas Hall’s setup. Lucas is the founder of Landlordology, one of the (if not the) most reputable resource for landlords and property managers seeking advice. Aside from being a landlord himself, Lucas is also an investor, national speaker and blogger who teaches others and helps them managing their rentals and building wealth.

Sean McCabe’s setup

Today, I’m honoured and thrilled to feature Sean McCabe, one of the most driven and passionate person I had the privilege to get to know online since I joined his community. Sean McCabe is an entrepreneur who writes over a million words a year on business. He is the author of Overlap: Get From the Life You Have to the …

Tung Tran’s Setup

Tung Tran is an experienced internet entrepreneur with proven track records across a wide range of projects. He’s the founder of, an online marketing blog where he teaches people to build, rank and monetize amazing content-driven affiliate websites. He’s also has been featured as one of the 8 Successful Online Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following by

Murray Newlands’s setup

Murray Newlands is the author of Online Marketing: A User’s Manual. He’s an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and business advisor. He helps other entrepreneurs and startups in growing and getting funded. He’s a regular contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur websites. He is the founder of Sighted, his current project, a customizable online invoicing software for Solo Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.

Chris Brogan’s setup

Today I’m thrilled to present Chris Brogan’s setup. Chris is a renowned internet marketer and influencer, a New York Times best-seller author and a demanded public speaker. He’s CEO of Owner Media Group. 

David Chen’s setup

David Haisha Chen is the co-founder and current CEO of Strikingly, the successful startup behind the famous website builder of the same name. Before being accepted to Y Combinator and building Strikingly, David cofounded Moneythink, an award-winning non-profit financial literacy education organization, which has been featured on the likes of Forbes, MTV and even got recognized by the White House.

Dom Well’s Setup

Dom Wells is an experienced online marketer who specializes on building niche blogs that generate passive income. He’s a rising talent of the internet marketing community, and since he started in the internet marketing industry in 2012, he’s been successful with multiple projects. He also has been featured on many websites including, along with a lot of other niche …

Aaron Wall’s setup

Aaron Wall is a skilled and highly successful internet marketer, as well as the founder of one of the oldest standing website and #1 reference in SEO, He’s been providing consulting services to many fortune 500 clients and multi-billion Dollar hedge funds. He’s also a reference writer about SEO, internet marketing, and has been featured on many high-profile websites such as …

Job van der Voort’s setup

Job is the VP of Product at GitLab. Before entering the world of startups and tech, he worked in neuroscience, studying encoding of information in the brain. He joined GitLab after working as a software engineer and moved to product management as GitLab grew. He has a big passion for design (product, furniture, architecture) and (board)games.

Veronica Belmont’s setup

Veronica Belmont is a prominent face of the online tech landscape. If you’re even remotely interested in online tech, gadgets, gaming or bots, chances are you’ve probably already seen or heard her somewhere on the internet.