Lucas Hall’s setup

For today’s setup, I’m excited to feature Lucas Hall’s setup. Lucas is the founder of Landlordology, one of the (if not the) most reputable resource for landlords and property managers seeking advice. Aside from being a landlord himself, Lucas is also an investor, national speaker and blogger who teaches others and helps them managing their rentals and building wealth.

This May Be Why You’re Not Successful: How To Stop Information Overload

There is one thing happening in your life that probably is responsible for good part of your overall frustration. It may be the very cause to why you can’t seem to achieve your goals. While the internet has given us the wonderful ability to gather information and resources about any topic, making it easier to learn and acquiring knowledge on …

Sean McCabe’s setup

Today, I’m honoured and thrilled to feature Sean McCabe, one of the most driven and passionate person I had the privilege to get to know online since I joined his community. Sean McCabe is an entrepreneur who writes over a million words a year on business. He is the author of Overlap: Get From the Life You Have to the …

Should You Buy A Standing Desk?

The trend for standing desks certainly increased a lot over the last years. People are getting more health conscious than ever, and it’s a good thing. These days, it’s a known fact that sitting for a prolonged time is a bad thing for your health. Of course, the trend has rose with the last decade because more and more of …

Tung Tran’s Setup

Tung Tran is an experienced internet entrepreneur with proven track records across a wide range of projects. He’s the founder of, an online marketing blog where he teaches people to build, rank and monetize amazing content-driven affiliate websites. He’s also has been featured as one of the 8 Successful Online Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following by

How To Turn Any Website Into a Native App with Epichrome

Have you ever found yourself thinking: I wish there was an app for this website ? I know I have. Many times indeed. First thing I can think of: Trello. I love so much this web app I can’t count how many times I wished there was a native app.

Create An Awesome Professional Website In 2 Days With $50 And Zero Coding Knowledge

The marvelous thing with progress in technology is that it makes a lot easier what used to be incredibly hard to achieve. Take website creation, for instance. Not so long ago, you still had to hire someone or spend months learning coding skills if you really wanted a professional and nicely designed website. You could have something acceptable without one, …

How To Read More Books Even If You’re Not A Speed Reader

Do you read books ? I hope you do. There’s no shortage of resources, quotes and mentions about how the most successful people in the world, whether they are entrepreneurs, leaders or philantropists, read a lot more books per year than the average persons. Maybe you don’t usually read books, or read a few here and there. But in any …

Murray Newlands’s setup

Murray Newlands is the author of Online Marketing: A User’s Manual. He’s an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and business advisor. He helps other entrepreneurs and startups in growing and getting funded. He’s a regular contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur websites. He is the founder of Sighted, his current project, a customizable online invoicing software for Solo Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.