Aaron Wall’s setup

Aaron Wall is a skilled and highly successful internet marketer, as well as the founder of one of the oldest standing website and #1 reference in SEO, SEOBook.com. He’s been providing consulting services to many fortune 500 clients and multi-billion Dollar hedge funds. He’s also a reference writer about SEO, internet marketing, and has been featured on many high-profile websites such as IncomeDiary, SearchEngineLand and Moz.com.

Tell us something funny about you

Given the subtext of your question … one thing I find quite funny to this day is in 3rd grade we played “around the world” in math class and I beat the whole class and kept winning to where my classmates were actually booing me.

I could probably think of dozens of embarrassing things to share, but not sure if there is any reward to the associated risk of turning myself into some sort of absurd meme. 😀

Show us your desk

I used to have a bigger desk, but after moving a year or so ago I got a much smaller one. We have a nice all wood table downstairs I need to bring up, but it is heavy & I have been perhaps a bit too lazy.

My mouse pad is a picture of the sun shining down in a forest I grew up near. The mouse is an Evoluent vertical mouse. An old business partner recommended those to me back in the day.

Paper under primary monitor so as to elevate it slightly so I am looking up & not down (if you are at computer 12 hours a day a small shift in monitor height can be the difference between great back health & WTF just happened to my back).

What’s in the picture? Dual monitor, misc computer components / add ons / hard drives, vitamins, etc. Off to the side there are some lego & lego-like toys, along with various paperwork accumulated over the past decade or so.


What computers do use (desktop, laptop, mac or pc or both ?)
I have a laptop but use it mostly to read or watch Netflix or such.
My main computer is the desktop one connected to the monitors in the pic. It is a custom-built CyberPowerPC.

What’s your current phone ?
I don’t use mobile phone much. My wife has iPhone 6+. I have a couple older iPhones used mostly for testing site designs. The reason I don’t use mobile phones much is I feel they are vastly less efficient than what one can do on a desktop. And I spend so much time at the computer that when I am away I also like to be disconnected.

Is there any useful gear you can’t live without (printer, router, analog stuff…)
As far as key gear, I like using a Fitbit to ensure I walk a bit every day.

I would say outside of that I am more driven by software than hardware…meaning I might find various software programs like Snagit or such more frequently used than particular hardware.


OS: Windows 10

Browser: Firefox, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer … I have different browsers set up for different purposes, like email, search related news, saved tabs I want to read later, etc. I also have Vivaldi installed but haven’t used it much. I primarily use Opera to surf & then Firefox for save / read later stuff.

Email client: Outlook. They recently did a major upgrade about a month ago. I used Gmail for a long time but I think Outlook is better now.

Desktop apps

iTunes: I listen to lots of podcasts with it.

Filezilla: for bulk uploading or downloading file changes on my websites.

Dreamweaver: To edit HTML

Skype: to chat with a few friends

AdvancedWebRanking: a very useful tool to check your website’s rank

Microsoft Excel: to crunch data

SnagIt: powerful and efficient screen capture tool and image editor

Web apps and services

Outlook: as I mentioned above, it received a major updated recently and now i find it better than Gmail which I was using before.

Twitter: though I waste too much time there…thankfully I never got big into Facebook

Phone apps

The only apps I ever used much on the phone were iMessage, Maps, the default Safari browser & the default notepad one (for writing shopping lists for the grocery store).

I had Twitter installed in my cell phone for like a day, but found all the pings far too distracting.

Browser extensions

SEO Toolbar for Firefox: I’d be disappointed in myself if I had Chrome installed on any of my computers. We have supported Firefox for a long time by making extensions for it like our SEO toolbar. The SEO toolbar then connects to a broad collection of other data sources.

1Password and Roboform: each password should be unique and random strings, particularly in light of what has happened with the hacks of big services like LinkedIn, Yahoo, and so on.

The one productivity tip you’d recommend

Work in chunks of undivided attention. If you find yourself going to a website which is too much of a time sink you can rewrite your host file to redirect that domain to a different URL. I might need to do that with Twitter soon 🙂

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